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pdf February 2016_CO2Shoe Dissemination_UITIC Congress_FICE Baixar (pdf, 532 KB)
pdf February 2017 CO2Shoe dissemination MICAM Fair CEC Baixar (pdf, 1.97 MB)
pdf February 2017 CO2Shoe dissemination Seminar by Escola Profissional CTCP Baixar (pdf, 163 KB)
pdf February 2017 CO2Shoe dissemination SIMAC INESCOP Baixar (pdf, 192 KB)
pdf January 2014_CO2Shoe dissemination_Facebook_CTCP Baixar (pdf, 599 KB)
pdf January 2014_CO2Shoe presentation_Portugal_CEC Baixar (pdf, 335 KB)
pdf January 2014_Newsletter_CTCP Baixar (pdf, 373 KB)
pdf January 2015_CO2Shoe Dissemination_EU Leather Pilot project_CEC Baixar (pdf, 209 KB)
pdf January 2016_CO2Shoe dissemination_4º CO2Shoe coordination meeting_INESCOP Baixar (pdf, 593 KB)
pdf January 2016_CO2Shoe dissemination_Fit2Com meeting_CEC Baixar (pdf, 235 KB)
pdf January 2016_CO2Shoe dissemination_Knowledge4Foot meeting_CEC Baixar (pdf, 179 KB)
pdf January 2017 CO2Shoe dissemination PROSHOE seminar CTCP Baixar (pdf, 197 KB)
pdf January 2017_CO2hoe Dissemination_Switch med Side Event in Casablanca_INESCOP Baixar (pdf, 125 KB)
pdf July 2013 _CO2Shoe presentation_Romania_INESCOP Baixar (pdf, 80 KB)
pdf July 2014_CO2Shoe dissemination_GDS_FICE Baixar (pdf, 226 KB)
pdf July 2015_CO2Shoe dissemination_Entrega certificado AENOR_INESCOP Baixar (pdf, 147 KB)
pdf July 2015_CO2Shoe dissemination_GDS_FICE Baixar (pdf, 3.77 MB)
pdf July 2015_CO2Shoe dissemination_Infoday regional LIFE 2015_INESCOP Baixar (pdf, 492 KB)
pdf July 2015_CO2Shoe dissemination_LIFE Infoday_INESCOP Baixar (pdf, 2.53 MB)
pdf July 2015_CO2Shoe dissemination_Press release of the validation of the tool_INESCOP Baixar (pdf, 5.74 MB)