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Publication of Press Release on CO2Shoe and Sustainable Business and Dissemination to Media

On 29 March 2017, the CEC published a press release on its website titled “Entrepreneurship and Business Opportunities for Young People in Sustainable Footwear”, describing the participation of the Spanish family footwear company Pikolinos, very engaged in social and environmental practices, in the Entrepreneurship School week Madrid from 27-31 March 2017, where the Vice President of the company presented the CO2Shoe project and described the company’s experience using the CO2Shoe carbon footprint calculation tool to make their shoes more sustainable.

CEC also disseminated the press release to its European media contacts, and several news platforms and specialised journals published articles based on the press release. The articles were published on:

  • 4/04/2017 on the Entrepreneurship School website entrepreneurshipschool.com
  • 4/04/2017 on Ediciones Sibila.com, the website of the publishing house Ediciones Sibila, which publishes specialised fashion magazines
  • 5/04/2017 on Shoe Info Net, an online resource which provides news about Footwear, Components and related industries on a worldwide level.
  • 5/04/2017 on International Leather Maker, a specialised online journal delivering news and information on the leather and related industries