CTCP, Centro Tecnológico do Calçado de Portugal, the Portuguese footwear technological centre, is a non-profit private organization that serves a range of industries – footwear, leather, leather goods, accessories, safety products, rubber and plastics, footwear machinery and software.

CTCP provides testing, consultancy, training and applied research services to members and other clients including: physical and chemical testing of raw materials and final products, chemical analysis of water, air and waste, product certification, CE marking, fitting and comfort analysis, test methods and standards development, research and industrial development of materials, products, production technologies, logistics and quality control systems.

CTCP’s Environmental Service provides technical and practical advice on eco-products development, eco-labelling, cleaner technologies, carbon footprint, gaseous emissions, liquid effluents treatment, solid waste management, environmental legislation, environmental audits and implementation of environmental management systems. R&D activities aim the development of new materials, globally sustainable production and management solutions and solid waste valorisation.