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15 December 2016 – Dissemination at CEC’s General Assembly

CEC presented the latest phase of the CO2Shoe project to the participants of the CEC’s 2016 December General Assembly, describing the project’s milestones and reminding the members of the advantages of using a carbon footprint calculation tool, from reducing costs to contributing to the fight against climate change. CEC elaborated on the results of the project’s Pilot Action with regards to the second phase, and shared the results of the last surveys completed by companies.

The project poster, fact sheets, and folders were displayed in the room and distributed to the General Assembly’s participants, which included representatives of seven CEC’s full members and one observer (Turkey). On this occasion, the representative of the Association of Hungarian Light Industry, the CEC’s new Member, participated in the General Assembly for the first time, and learnt about the C02Shoe project.